Challenges Faced by Some Retirees

Many people look forward to retiring, particularly after being in fulltime employment. Retirement should be a period when people smoothly transition from their long-term engagements, which may limit them to fewer involvements, to being flexible and more available than before. Having more opportunities to rest more, get more involved with family, touring or starting new careers come in handy. However, others associate retirement with poverty from having reduced source of income. There are various challenges that are encountered by retirees.

Tiredness and Boredom

The former busy schedule automatically transforms to more idle time, especially for people who retired without a fallback plan. After the initial years of waking up every morning and having busy schedules, with timelines to beat, retirees start to experience a sense of emptiness, monotony and boredom. They tend to miss their personal interactions and relations with their former colleagues, not forgetting their involvement in other activities work such as training and workshops and also team building.

Financial Insecurity

Salaries, wages, health insurances and allowances are among the benefits enjoyed in employment. All these are, however, withdrawn after retirement, leaving the retirees with less financial security. The retirees might have all the time and freedom to travel tour and enjoy their new stylish lifestyle, but they end up having no financial freedom especially for those who did not make substantial savings and financial investments. This kind of limitation may root cause of lifestyle diseases and depression to some extent.

Health Insurance

Health and fitness may deteriorate with age and lifestyle. The abrupt change in lifestyle for retirees can either make or break a person. Maintain a good healthy lifestyle, especially in advanced ages means not having to deal with expensive healthy glitches particularly for retirees who no longer enjoy the benefit of having health insurance covers as they did in their yesteryears.